About the 62 Impala

Shoestring 62' project

Follow along as I do a restro-mod of a 1962 Impala SS.

I am a Architect by training, and this is my first car restoration. I will be doing as much of the work as I can. I will be learning new skills (welding, body work, etc.) This is my hobby project so there are no time constraints just the pure joy of building and . I have always loved old cars and always wanted to restore one.

The goal for the car is to make a nice cruiser for weekend outings, and local car shows. Also I am planning on finishing the car and taking my Dad who gave me the car on the Power tour.


Ok I have been lax on the updates but here it is. I was able to have my family over on July 4th of 09'. had a BBQ and removed body here are my Dad and Brother and I discussing the best way to do this. I am going to add two pulleys to the roof for lifting the body back on to the frame. WE used a engine lift on the front and man power on the rear and Slid my home made body Cart under the body. I am not entirely happy with the body cart, but I will make changes to the design later. The soft tires are not the right way to go I am going to replace them with a hard tire for rolling the body around.

the frame is now ready for powder coating. I had the car body and frame media blasted and found a few more issues with the body that will need to be addressed. I found additional floor damage on the passenger side and it looks like someone took a post down the entire passenger side of the car so there is a long crease from the door to the rear quarter and the rear quarter had some poor body work done that will need to be fixed at some point.