About the 62 Impala

Shoestring 62' project

Follow along as I do a restro-mod of a 1962 Impala SS.

I am a Architect by training, and this is my first car restoration. I will be doing as much of the work as I can. I will be learning new skills (welding, body work, etc.) This is my hobby project so there are no time constraints just the pure joy of building and . I have always loved old cars and always wanted to restore one.

The goal for the car is to make a nice cruiser for weekend outings, and local car shows. Also I am planning on finishing the car and taking my Dad who gave me the car on the Power tour.

Out with the old

As I mentioned in another post it was the interior that started me on this project of restoration. I was not planning a full scale restoration but just some simple things, like redoing the interior back to original, fixing the dent and doing some minor rust repair. But the best laid plans do not always go as planed.

Thus was the case with the interior. The plan here was to remove the seats that were in there and replace with orginal bucket seats up front and bench seat in the rear, and to clean up the interior, new carpet, remount the tachometer, and gauges, up grade the stearo I spent months looking for orginal seats that were in good condition, I had a lady lined up to do the apoulstery for the seats. A simple enough plan, but as those that restore cars know that is not always the case.

The floor pan damage

Up on the removal of the carpet and seat I found that to get the seats to fit there were some "Modifications" to the floor. The floor brace was cut down to almost nothing and some house siding tin filling in the holes with a few sheet metal screws holding the entire thing together. I also discovered that there was rust along the side rails. Since I do not own a welder I found a guy locally that restores old trucks, Jay's Classic in Kuna, that did the welding for me and replaced the floor pan and cut out the rust along the side rails. This however lead me to start to do a real evulation of the car, and with that the realization that I had a lot more work to do on this car and thus the Shoestring 62' project was born.

The Repaired floor


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