About the 62 Impala

Shoestring 62' project

Follow along as I do a restro-mod of a 1962 Impala SS.

I am a Architect by training, and this is my first car restoration. I will be doing as much of the work as I can. I will be learning new skills (welding, body work, etc.) This is my hobby project so there are no time constraints just the pure joy of building and . I have always loved old cars and always wanted to restore one.

The goal for the car is to make a nice cruiser for weekend outings, and local car shows. Also I am planning on finishing the car and taking my Dad who gave me the car on the Power tour.

Prepairing to lift the body

I am getting closer to lifting the body so that I can add new body bushings run new stainless steel fuel lines for the 409 and break lines, and add a second control arm for the rear end. I have been going around on how to do all of this and maintain space in my garage. I do not have room to have the frame and body side by side. I have been debating on building a custom body cart s that I can role the body out of the garage and work on the frame, but the longer I worked on this the more I realized that was not a feasible idea. So what is a guy on a budget to do and limited space to do?

Well I think I have stumbled on my solution. I found a web site called accessible systems that has what I need. I have these in my garage and I think that it will allow me the space to work on the car and maintain my garage space. I ordered a part called a frame standoff to separate my body from my frame and when I am done I will install the new body bushings. Second I ordered a set of frame dolly's wheels to mount to the frame so that I can role the body and frame around and in and out of the shop. I think that this system will work for me and my restoration. I will post pictures as I move into this next phase.


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